[vc_row][vc_column 0=””][vc_column_text]Brother Jon Konnerup – President of the BBFI World Mission Center, Springfield, MO

“Adam and Ayla are serious about God’s call upon their lives to serve on the mission field. However, they are not waiting to be used when they get there – they are already actively involved in serving through their church. They have served in the bus ministry, teaching Sunday School, and have gained experience in a variety of ministries at Cherry Street Baptist Church. Most importantly, Adam and Ayla are serious soul winners. If they have a zeal to do this here in the States, I know God will use them in Thailand.”

Pastor Dennis Jennings – Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO (Sending Church)

“It has been a great joy to be Adam and Ayla’s pastor these last few years. Their hearts for the ministry will serve them well as TEAM missionaries in the country of Thailand. We have watched them grow both spiritually and experientially as students, as part of our leadership team, and now as missionaries. We are excited to recommend Adam and Ayla Cottrell for your consideration for support as a partner to Ricky and Tammy Salmon in Bangkok.”

Pastor Josh Bevan – Lighthouse Baptist Church, Xenia, OH

It is my joy and honor to give my 100% recommendation of Adam and Ayla Cottrell to be missionaries to the country of Thailand! I have observed Adam to be a great leader to others as well as his personality naturally draws people toward him. He has shown a love for God’s Word as a student of the book and does a great job teaching and preaching. I believe this is a great couple who we are blessed to be able to support on the field and I highly recommend them for support as missionaries to the country of Thailand.

Reverend Steve Harney – Cool Kids Ministries

It is a great honor and privilege to recommend to you Adam and Ayla Cottrell. I have known both of them for many years. I have had to privilege to work with Adam in various ministry forms over the past 10 years. From camps to revivals and from visitation to personal conversations it has been my joy to watch him grow in his relationship with Christ and now in his relationship with Ayla. I am looking forward to all that they will do on the mission field. How they will be able to tell others what God has done in their lives and how He can also do it for them if they will just trust Him. Would you please consider this young couple for both financial and prayerful support? They will not let you down and they will make a difference around the world.

Pastor Gary Berry – Southland Baptist Church, Belton, MO

I have known this couple for over 5 years and have always known them to be a man and woman of God; doctrinally sound; faithful to God, their family, and their church; responsible in all duties; passionate for world missions and souls; and of great integrity. I believe that their skills and experience make them an excellent candidate to work as missionaries of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.