Unreal. Blessed beyond belief. Above all that we can think or imagine.

We just started our 8th month of deputation and God has brought us to nearly 50% of our needed support to follow the Lords’s call to move to the country of Thailand as missionaries. We have visited 34 churches and most of them have agreed to partner with us to reach the lost in Thailand! Praise the Lord for generous believers who desire to do their part of the great commission; praying for and sending foreign missionaries so that the lost can hear the Gospel. We have had the privilege of encouraging fellow Christians in every church we attend, that not only are they asked to send missionaries to foreign fields, but they are to be missionaries right where they are! We are all missionaries to our neighbors, our coworkers, our classmates, our family, and our friends.

Humbled. Loved. Thankful.

We have been blessed beyond belief by the family of God even more than we could have ever imagined. Family. Family is not necessarily blood, but fellow believers that care enough to love on you, pray for you, and encourage you as if they had known you your whole life. I am thankful for the family of God.

Please pray for us as we continue to travel to the churches that the Lord has allowed us to schedule this Spring. We are currently in Big Spring, Texas, and will be making our way back to the Dallas area, Kentucky, and then New York. God has protected us thus far and we are so thankful. Please keep up with us via our schedule tab.

We want to pray for you! If you have any prayer requests that we can be praying for please please email us, message us via our contact page on this website, or message us on Facebook via our personal pages, or our ministry page! We would love to hear  about the needs of those praying for us as well as how the Lord answers those prayer! We love ya’ll! Thanks for loving us, and praying for us!

Love your missionary to Thailand,

Ayla Cottrell